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Jo Pratt

In the Mood for Food

So forget slaving in the kitchen for hours on end, getting in a sweat over a technique you don’t even know how to pronounce, let alone perform, or hunting high and low for ingredients you haven’t even heard of. Let’s be realistic – we have busy lives to lead, but if you love eating good food, then I’m sure you’ll love all these straightforward recipes. Lees verder ›

Diana Henry

Crazy Water, Pickled Lemons

Places, as well as tastes, are locked up in food. The clear perfumed stillness of a bottle of flower water, the sexy, velvety skin of a fig, the sunburnt blood color of a jar of cayenne. Our love of foods has as much to do with what they represent as with what they taste like. Lees verder ›

Matt Lewis & Renato Poliafito

Baked, new frontiers in baking

Hip. Cool. Fashion-Forward. These aren’t adjectives you’d ordinarily think of applying to baked goods. Think again. Wat een prachtige eerste zin om een boek mee te beginnen, nu maar hopen dat het allemaal ook waar is. Lees verder ›


Delia’s Summer Collection

Summer, in my opinion, is an equally special time for cooks, a dazzling time when fresh ingredients present themselves in rapid succession, some of them so briefly that we need to snap them up to enjoy them at their best. Het is alweer zomer! Tijd voor een nieuwe recensie dus. Over een boek waar ik […] Lees verder ›

Manuela Darling-Gansser

Winter in the Alps

Food in the Alps is a real ‘cucina povera’ (poor people’s cooking), but it has tradition and integrity. There is a reason for everything being the way it is. I sometimes think that as you move away from the mountains to the softer and more plentiful valleys and plains, especially to the north, the food gets away from its origins. It can become a little too fancy and contrived, altogether less convincing. Lees verder ›

Betty Crocker

The Big Book of Cupcakes

Cupcakes! Everybody loves them – and what’s not to love? These tasty treats have it all, they’re a teeny bit decadent. a lot of fun to eat, and each one delivers the perfect ratio of cake to frosting. Not to mention, no one expects you to share a cupcake – it’s yours and yours alone! Lees verder ›

Gregg Wallace

Gregg’s favourite puddings

Food is a necessity for life that’s for sure. But a pudding, that is just pure indulgence. It is the last bit of the meal, usually your freshest memory from your lunch or dinner. It’s the extravagant bit, the fun bit, the best bit! Lees verder ›

Gordon Ramsay

Pub Food

This book brings to you dishes that have become pub classics. It offers simple, reasonably priced recipes that you can cook at home without fuss or complication. This is the food that has brought the British pub on to the culinary map. Lees verder ›

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

River Cottage everyday

Above all, I intend to tempt you irresistibly towards a better life with food, with a whole raft of recipes that I think you will love. Lees verder ›

Nigella Lawson


Feast is not just about the way we cook and eat at the great religious festivals or big-deal special occasions, but about how food is the vital way we celebrate anything that matterst (…) it’s how we mark the connections between us, how we celebrate life. Lees verder ›

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